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Discovering new fantasy books and meeting people at the book expo

On Saturday, my publisher and I exhibited at the Black Book Expo in Harlem hosted by Black Expo America. Since the event was fairly small, each author was given 5 minutes to talk about their books on stage. One of the reasons why I like smaller book conferences.

I wrote and practiced my elevator pitch beforehand. Since I've gotten a fair amount of comments on my Merging Worlds series, I knew what to focus on for my short speech. Characters and the magic system.

The most inspiring intro was the kid who wrote The Adventures of the Sickler.  He was the youngest author there.
Now, let's go back to the beginning of the day.
On Saturday, we woke up at 6am in order to be at the expo on time. Exhibitors needed to start setting up at 9. Waking up that early on a Saturday should be illegal. At least we got to see the sunrise. The cab ride to Harlem took us along the water. It was a nice view. Didn't get any pictures, though. One day...

The expo was at the National Black Theater. Ne…

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